Insurance Info

Insurance Info


State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Authority Number: LC65090

Cargo Insurance:

Definition: Cargo insurance is the insurance coverage to protext your peronal property while in the care and custody of your mover.

Mr. Mover Coverage: Mr. Mover includes full replacement value coverage with no deductible on all it’s moves. This means that if we scratch or break anything it will either be repaired to your satifaction or replaced with like kind.

Liability Insurance:

Definition: Liability insurace covers your dwelling and property for damage caused during your move. This could include scratched floors, hole in wall, and ruts in your lawn.

Mr. Mover Coverage: Mr. Mover included full protection with no deductible on both your old and new residences.

Worker’s Compensation:

By state law, Mr. Mover’s employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation in case of personal injury while on your move.

Employee Bonding:

All Mr. Mover employees are bonded against theft.