What time will my movers arrive? 

Mr. Mover cannot route the trucks until two days prior to moving day.  We ask that you call us two days before your moving day and we can let you know what time the movers will be arriving.  If you are moving on a Monday or Tuesday, we have those start times on Friday.

What happens if I have less items on moving day?

Mr. Mover will only charge you for the actual items that we move, whether it is more or less. Our driver will arrive at your house with the list we have in the computer which was used to calculate your cost. They will go through your home and adjust up or down based on what you actually have to move.

Do I have to empty file cabinets?

Vertical file cabinets can remain full, but lateral files must be emptied.  The drawer slides on a lateral file are not made to take the weight of the files during moving, per the manufacturers.

Do I have to empty my freezer or refrigerator? 

Yes, the freezer and refrigerator must be emptied to avoid the contents damaging the inside of your appliance.

Do I have to take the mirror off my dressers? 

No, Mr. Mover brings along all the necessary tools that are needed to remove and re-install any mirrors attached to your dresser.  Although, we cannot remove mirrors that are screwed onto a wall.

Can I leave clothing in my dressers? 

Mr. Mover will move your dressers with the drawers in them.  The only items that may be left in a drawer is something made of cloth.  Please remove all jewelry, perfume, and non-clothing items.

How big is your truck? 

All of our trucks are the same size.  The truck itself is a heavy duty pickup truck pulling a 32 foot trailer. A picture of one can be seen on our home page. The trailer is 11 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

Do I have to take my beds apart?

No, Mr. Mover brings along all the necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble your beds for you.  All of the bedding should be removed from the bed before the movers arrive.

Do you move out of state? 

Mr. Mover is a local and intrastate moving company that means we only move within the state of Wisconsin.

Do you do packing? 

Yes! We do have the personnel trained to do your packing. We also have boxes available for purchase.

Do you offer storage? 

Mr. Mover offers climate controlled storage for your furniture and belongings. If you have already chosen a storage facility, we can move your items to that facility.

Do you move pianos? 

All pianos can only be moved from first floor to a first floor.  We cannot move pianos up or down any flights of stairs.  One or two steps out of your home are not a problem.

What do you consider a large box and a small box? 

We consider a large box to be one that a mover can only carry one box at a time.  A small box means that the movers can carry more than one box at a time.

Are you insured?  

Yes, Mr. Mover is fully insured with full replacement value.  This means that if we damage or break anything, we have to fix it to your satisfaction or replace it.  It’s as simple as that!

How do you protect my house? 

Mr. Mover carries a number of items to protect your new and existing home from damage. This would include; floor runners to protect your carpet and floors, doorway protectors for your front door, and pads for cabinets and railings. We will also use our moving pads for additional protection as needed.

How do you fix something you damage? 

Mr. Mover works with a professional repair company that we will contact for you and they will set up an appointment with you to come out and look at the damage.  If it can not be fixed to your satisfaction, we will replace it.

What type of payments do you accept and when? 

We accept any of the following types of payment:  Cash, Personal Check, MasterCard, Discover or VISA. When you decide to use our services we do require a 20% deposit and the balance can be paid to the driver when the move is complete.

Do movers get tips?

Although it is not required, many of our customers have shown their appreciation by tipping the movers.

Do you unhook appliances? 

Due to insurance liabilities our company is not covered to unhook gas or water lines on appliances.  It is also recommended that you replace your old water line hoses on your washer when you move.  These can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Do you unhook electronics? 

Due to the complexity of today’s technology our men cannot be trained in all the different systems that are available today.  Because of this we ask that you have all electronics disconnected from other components before we arrive.

Do you require a deposit? 

When you book a move with us, we send you a confirmation letter via email, fax or mail.  Once you receive that letter, we ask for a 20% deposit within 7 business days of you receiving that letter in order to keep your move date.

Will you remove or install air conditioners? 

No, Mr. Mover cannot remove or install air conditioners due to insurance liability.

Will you dispose of items? 

Mr. Mover does not have the capability of disposing of any unwanted items. We can however move items to the curb for you at a small additional cost.

Can I leave gas in my lawn mower? 

Yes, Mr. Mover will move you lawn mower with gas in the gas tank.  It will be helpful for us if you can keep the gas in your tank low.

Can you move the gas from my gas grill? 

Yes, Mr. Mover can move your gas tank from your grill.

How can I move my hanging clothes? 

Mr. Mover offers free use of wardrobe boxes to move your hanging clothes.  We bring the wardrobe boxes on the day of the move for you put your clothing in while we load the truck.  You then unload the wardrobe box at the new home and return the box to us. The wardrobe boxes hold 2 feet of hanging clothes.

Will you move a piece of furniture within my home? 

Yes, Mr. Mover provides a service to move a piece within your existing home or while we are moving your household, we are also able to move a piece of furniture to another room for an extra charge depending on your specific needs.

What happens if an item will not fit in my house? 

There are times when an item will not fit at a new home.  We will do everything in our power to make that item fit, but we will not disassemble the furniture or your home to make an item fit.  If it does not fit, we will place the piece wherever you request.

How long have you been in business? 

Mr. Mover started in 1995.

How much does it cost per piece?

In order to give you a price, we need to know all the items that you want to move and then we can enter your inventory into our computer system and it will calculate an exact cost for you to move.  There are many factors which affect the cost per piece.  Once we have all those factors entered in the system we can then remove an item from the list to see how it changes the price.  That is the only way to tell you what a piece cost based on your specific needs.