Moving Checklist

Moving, it has been said, is one of life’s most stressful activities. So many things to arrange and prepare for, in such a short period of time. After a number of panic attacks, and a last second whirlwind of activity, you’re still left with a sickly feeling that you’ve forgotten something. Usually you have. Listed below is a detailed checklist of things you’ll need to attend to before your move.

One Month
___ Visit your bank and advise them of your moving plans so that they can offer recommendations for a financial institution in your area and change address information on your current accounts.
___ Notify your doctor(s) and dentist of your move in order to have records and prescriptions transferred. Ask them for referrals in your new community.
___ Find out the school(s) your children will attend and arrange to have their records transferred.
___ If you have pets, arrange for their boarding during your move (you won’t want them underfoot).
___ Notify insurance companies of your move. Transfer your renter’s insurance to ensure immediate coverage.
___ Send change of address to your post office. Send change of address cards to friends, magazines, and creditors. Click here to notify the post office of your new address.
___ Cancel newspaper delivery and, if applicable, laundry/diaper service.
___ Contact utilities for disconnections and possible deposit refunds due you.
___ Arrange to have utilities connect at new residence.

Two Weeks
___ Pack items of sentimental value and valuable papers that you are going to take yourself.
___ Clean out the refrigerator and cabinets. Prepare meals that use up the food you don’t want to take.
___ Arrange to have your children stay with a baby-sitter, friends or family on moving day.
___ Plan a furniture layout for MR. MOVER, showing where things should be in your new home.
___ Pack anything that the movers aren’t packing.
___ Thoroughly clean your apartment to ensure a complete refund of your security deposit.
___ Check with your new rental office to see if there is a freight elevator for moving or for any special move regulations.
___ Take a local phone directory with you.
___ Set up an agenda for moving day.

Final Days
___ Label the boxes that you’ll need right away.
___ Defrost and dry your refrigerator.
___ Give MR. MOVER your new telephone number or a number where they can reach you.
___ Check with your present rental office to see if there’s anything special required of you before you depart.
___ Make sure the leasing office will be open at your new community when you arrive, or arrange to have your new keys available.

On Moving Day
___ Take pets to kennel; take children to baby-sitter’s. Try not to mix those up.
___ Prepare to be on hand when MR. MOVER arrives to direct them.
___ Make a final inspection of your old home to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

When You Arrive
___ Arrange to be at your new home when MR. MOVER arrives.
___ Do direct the movers, but don’t get in their way.
___ Make sure all appliance are functioning and that the electricity and gas are operating properly.